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CRU Insight for Queensland Bauxite

Dear shareholders,

CRU’s team of aluminium and raw materials expert, in London and Beijing have sent the Company its latest Insight piece, which looks at the major opportunities for bauxite producers in light of Indonesia’s unprocessed minerals export ban. The main points are as follows:

1.  The ban is not temporary and import-based refineries in China are becoming increasingly worried about future bauxite supplies.

2. Major opportunities exist for bauxite projects, particularly in Australia.

3. CRU predicts strong bauxite price growth and additional value generation in both bauxite and alumina moving forwards.

4. The probability of Indonesia deregulating bauxite exports is small for a number of reasons as outlined in CRU’s analysis paper.

The analysis draws upon CRU’s range of market analysis and asset by asset cost services including CRU’s new Bauxite and Alumina Long Term Market Outlook. This is a unique service which examines bauxite and alumina supply, demand, prices and long run marginal costs to 2040 along with almost 400 bauxite and alumina asset profiles.

The team at Queensland Bauxite are most excited to be at the right place in the right time. The Company intends to apply for a mining lease without waiting until the entire tenement is explored, with the goal of bringing cashflow to the Company as early as possible, which should add to shareholders’ wealth.

Pnina Feldman


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25 Jun 2014

Mining company strikes export deal for iron ore out of Port of Mourilyan

18 Jun 2014

Addendum to South Johnstone Bauxite announcement released on Thursday 12th June 2014

Queensland Bauxite has announced, based on its initial 60 hole drilling program at South Johnstone (Figure 1), a JORC Inferred Resource of 30 million tonnes of bauxite, lying within a larger exploration target discussed below. The average grade of the bauxite at low temperature leaching is 25.2% available alumina (range from 20% cutoff to 31.7%) and 6.9% reactive silica (range from 1.9% to
10% cutoff). The available alumina is expected to rise through beneficiation and high temperature testing. These alumina results are anticipated to be comparable to bauxite grades in the Darling Ranges. (See JORC Table 1)

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18 Jun 2014

Announcement coming out this morning

Hi Everyone,

The announcement is ready for release, it’s all very exciting. Try reading 37 pages…

From the team at QBL

17 Jun 2014

Update on pending release

The final version has been sent to ASX for review, and we are anticipating being back trading tomorrow morning.

I’m sure all will agree that it was worth the wait!

Sholom Feldman

Executive Director

17 Jun 2014

Expected release of detailed information on our South Johnstone Project

Dear Shareholders,

As mentioned in our suspension request this morning, we have submitted a draft to the ASX for review prior to release. We believe our draft is now looking good. We are expecting a release later this afternoon which will allow the resumption of trading in the Company’s securities. We will give you an update around 3pm AEST.

Thank you,

Pnina Feldman



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