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Upgrade of Resource & Scoping Study

On behalf of the Directors of Queensland Bauxite (ASX:QBL) (“the Company”), I am delighted to release the new Scoping Study for South Johnstone Bauxite Project as set out in this announcement, which supersedes completely the Scoping Study of 30 October 2014. The new Scoping Study sets out initial production targets and financial forecasts based solely on the now upgraded JORC compliant Indicated Mineral Resources.

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Pnina Feldman

Executive Director

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18 Nov 2014

New Update Regarding Release of Resource Upgrade

In response to shareholder enquiries, the directors of Queensland Bauxite Limited (ASX:QBL) would like to inform shareholders that more results from our recent expanded drilling programme in one of the higher grade areas of the South Johnstone Bauxite Project have been received that warrant inclusion in the current resource upgrade estimate.

These results received back from the laboratory are material in enhancing the resource confidence level, and the last of these samples which tested positively using the Innovex and which should add materially to the Indicated Resource, are still in the laboratory for final testing and assaying.

These results will complete the resource modelling for the Resource Upgrade Report. More importantly, these latest results confirm the geological model and underpin the positive progression of the South Johnstone Bauxite project.

We thank shareholders for their patience and we share their frustration during this trying period and the directors as significant shareholders also look forward to providing this important release as soon as possible. The Company remains committed to the fast track development of this project.

Sholom D Feldman
Executive Director / Company Secretary

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12 Nov 2014

Update re Release of Resource Upgrade

The directors of QBL wish to inform shareholders and the market, that the process of preparing the report relating to the upgrading of the resource underpinning the scoping study is still ongoing.

Further positive results from the project have been received over the past week and are being incorporated within the model and being prepared in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the JORC 2012 and the ASX Listing Rules.

Once the release is finalised and approved for release, the Company will resume trading. This process may yet take another few days.

The directors look forward to providing this important release as soon as possible.

Sholom D Feldman
Executive Director / Company Secretary

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30 Oct 2014

Scoping Study South Johnstone Bauxite Project Released

The Scoping Study for South Johnstone Bauxite Project has been released and the results confirm the significant potential and benefits from development of the project.

The Study assesses the potential economic viability of the development of a bauxite mining operation at South Johnstone.

This study was undertaken by an independent consultant as well as with key input from other contributors including independent industry experts and consultants and produced compelling Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return metrics as well as low capital and operating cost estimates for the major facets of the South Johnstone project.

The Directors of Queensland Bauxite are excited by the opportunities presented by the Study.

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11 Sep 2014

Progress Report on South Johnstone Project – 10 September 2014

The Scoping Study is proceeding to assess the potential economic viability of the development of a bauxite mining operation at South Johnstone.

This study is being undertaken by an independent consultant and will produce capital and operating cost estimates for the major facets of the South Johnstone project.

Site visits have taken place which included discussions with relevant landowners, ports, councils and other authorities and to date they have all been favourable towards the development of the project.

The Scoping Study is anticipated to be completed in September/October 2014.

Drilling has recommenced at South Johnstone and seeks to upgrade the Inferred Resource inventory.  Results will be released when at hand.

The completion of the Scoping Study will further strengthen the Company’s position in the discussions with potential off-take partners.

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27 Aug 2014

Update on South Johnstone Bauxite Project – 18 August 2014

Work is continuing at the South Johnstone Project in north Queensland.

A number of activities are being progressed that aim to deliver positive outcomes at the Project.

The Scoping Study is expected to be completed within the next six to eight weeks.

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  • Ph. 02 9291 9000
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