North Queensland Project (QBL 100%)

Close to Port, Infrastructure and the End Userlocation_NQ1

  •  400 km2 of DSO bauxite terrain
  • Prospective for high quality gibbsitic bauxite with a low reactive silica content
  • The North Queensland Projects consist of the following project:
    • – South Johnstone Project
  • In 1961, at the South Johnstone Project, Carpentaria Exploration identified an exploration target* of 43Mt with the potential to be extended 5 times
  • Rail running through project areas and less than 20kms to a deep water port
  • Landholder consultation has been undertaken and favourable response received
  • Access for exploration granted
  • * This exploration target was made prior to the JORC code for reporting of resources coming in to existence







Targeting Premium DSO Bauxite

  • Access for exploration granted
  • Minimal overburden
  • Red brown lateritised saprolite developed on Tertiary Basalt

Significant Exploration Upside

  • The historic exploration drilling reported by Carpentaria Exploration Pty Ltd (Carpentaria) in 1961 gives QBL a high level of confidence of achieving significant exploration success
  • QBL intends to re-drill and re-assay these areas to achieve a JORC compliant resource
  • Based on the workings of Carpentaria and based on the extent of lateritised basalts that are extensively present through the project area, QBL’s exploration target on the South Johnstone project is:
  • 200Mt to 250Mt with an acid soluble alumina range* of 31% to 40%
  • *According to Carter (1961), all AI203 assays quoted in Carpentaria reports ‘refer to acid soluble alumina’. These reports were prepared prior to the JORC code for reporting of resources coming in to existence.